Retail Excellence Training Portfolio Launched!

In line with our #purpose: “to make it possible for our clients to achieve retailing excellence, consistently across all their forecourt retail outlets” – The Franchise Evolution is formally launching its people capability building arm of the business! Welcome to The Retail Excellence Training Portfolio! Our portfolio is focused on the #petroleumindustry with offerings for #sitemanagers, #convenienceretail staff, #forecourt attendants, and critically the […]

Fuel Loyalty Programmes – who’s the winner? It depends….

Shell being the clear winner on simplicity and cents per litre return. However it totally depends on what the structures are in the rest of your accounts or shopping habits, or coverage network of retail fueling stations. Make the right choice for you, your lifestyle, and as it supports your financial freedom ultimately. Contact us […]

People will never forget how you made them feel…

Maya Angelou said it best… and it rang so true today, “People will never forget how you made them feel.” Fiona Fitzpatrick and I met with a prominent, leading, and progressive businessman in the fuel retailing space this morning. We discussed a very exciting and promising, new retail development that he’s contracted our consulting services […]

Q-Hop solution is viable alternative for Retail

More reasons to have a Q-Hop solution! About 20% of grocery store workers had Covid-19, and most didn’t have symptoms, study found Talk to us and our tech partner, CIRT today! Better, safer, smarter retail with Q-Hop.

Choose the right partner to franchise with

Franchise businesses are fantastic in that they have significantly higher success rates than starting your own business from scratch. They have expertly crafted operating structures and professional support to manage your trade. There are a lot of franchises out there looking for your interest as they expand their networks. Ensure you make the right choice. […]